quick doodle of maka albarn! ive never seen soul eater, but i used to know a girl who loooved maka to death :)

ultear milkovich!! i actually have no idea who she is or even what anime she’s from :o but from what i’ve gathered she’s pretty kickass!!!(i hope i did her justice!!! thanks for the request!)

here u go, amanda!! !! 

angry transparent bulma for all ur dragging needs!!!!!!

orca doodle ;v;

all i drew when i was 6 yrs old was orcas, sperm whales, and dolphins. i had sort of figured out how to draw the tail flukes in perspective and i was proud of myself haha

levy mcgardden for chevre-leaf ;*

a happy lil mermaid for valery! she’s based off of a ganges river dolphin :)

MO’FUCKIN typhlosion using erupt with palette 19 for andy! typhlosion is the best starter WHEN ARE WE GONNA GET MEGA TYPHLOSION OTL

miranda lawson w palette 16 for the precious zoomie!!! i tried to capture some SASS

VALERY<3 for brittany<3

palette number 19!



I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

hey i have some time so i’ll do some palette requests! i will post the results on my art blog and reblog them here, so send me asks(preferably on my main blog :p)

hydreigon with palette 4!

here u go verny! i didnt realize what a dman eyestrain this palette was until i was almost done with the drawing :///

digital painting of me and my best friend, a going away present :”)

babe-ly demon gal. just the lines and flat colors, because it&#8217;s still a work in progress!!!!

babe-ly demon gal. just the lines and flat colors, because it’s still a work in progress!!!!

speedpaint of an apple for my digital painting class. just a quick assignment to ease people into the class :p